Quiberon Bay

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Stopover : Arz Island or Île aux Moines

It's a 31 feet sailboat (about 9m50) spacious and comfortable, specially designed for day cruises.

Alone, with friends, as a couple, with family, with colleagues... you are welcome on board!

In addition to the captain, you will be a maximum of 9 people on board.

No need to know how to sail: Pierre, the skipper takes care of everything!

Houat Island

"The duck" in Breton

The motto of Houat, Ag er mor e viuamb ("From the sea we live"), shows how important fishing was. Since then, the fleet has been reduced to 6 boats for 11 fishermen but the arrival at the port has kept all its charm.

The village is surrounded by small granite houses and there is the church of Saint Gildas (1766-1840).

A very old statue of the saint is enthroned there next to a thatch, a gallery and a wooden confessional carved by the ship's carpenters.

Beautiful beaches also surround Houat, including the splendid Treac'h ar Gouret (aka Grande Plage), it is a convex beach !

Hoëdic Island

"The Little Duck" in Breton

Half the size and half the population of its big sister Houat, the island of Hoëdic has long lived on fishing alone. There are still lobster traps in the harbor and a handful of fishermen who continue the tradition.

The coastline, flat and bare, offers an alternation of creeks, sandy beaches bathed by turquoise waters and rocky capes.

No car here : you can walk with your hair in the wind along the paths, in search of megaliths and the Vauban fort...





Program of a typical day :


8:30 am : Meeting at the Port of Crouesty

9:00am : Departure (departure)

11:30 am : Arrival on the island of Houat or Hoedic (disembarkation in dinghy)

Lunch/picnic/walk on the island (bring your lunch)

2:30 pm : Back on the boat

5:00 pm/5h30pm : Arrival at the Port du Crouesty


A snack and hot drink will be offered in the morning



Bring water (about 1.5L per person for a full day)

Protection against the sun (sunglasses, sunscreen, cap or hat...)

Warm clothing / waterproof clothing

Picnic or restaurant (bring cash, remember to reserve)

Swimsuit and beach towel