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Stopover : Ile d'Arz or Ile aux Moines

We welcome you on board La Baladeuzh.

It's a 31 feet sailboat (about 9m50) spacious and comfortable, specially designed for day cruises.

Alone, with friends, as a couple, with family, with colleagues... you are welcome on board !

In addition to the captain, you will be a maximum of 9 people on board.

No need to know how to sail: Pierre, the skipper, takes care of everything !


"The pearl of the Gulf of Morbihan"


The longest of the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan stretches over 7km long and 3km wide at the most and shelters about 600 inhabitants for 3,2 km2

The almost southern climate of the Ile aux Moines contributes to the installation of a great diversity of plants. 350 plant species have been counted !

Indeed, exotic species brought back from their travels by the captains of the ocean flourish thanks to the very mild microclimate of the island: camellias, giant fig trees, mimosas, palm trees, fushias...

It is also a very appreciated stopover for a good number of birds which find rest and food there.

At the bend of the paths, the landscape is changing: you will find a tangle of small white fishermen's houses as well as pretty small sheltered coves which alternate with the rocky points.

In the south of the island you will come across the dolmen of Pen Hap, this megalithic monument would have 5 to 6000 years of history, when the island was still attached to the continent !


"The Island of the Captains"


Measuring in its largest extensions 5km by 3km, the island is home to just 260 inhabitants for 3.3 km2

You will find the wild and preserved character of this land, secondary residence of the Siberian geese and landmark of many local species.

The village of the island of Arz is particularly charming: prepare yourself to climb the "mountain", located in the middle of the island, indeed, it culminates at 13 meters !

Such a difference in level will not tire you as well as the very accessible coastal paths which will allow you to reach the superb beaches of the island.

The crossing of the dike of the Moulin de Berno is also very appreciated. You will discover the functioning of an old fashioned tide mill, restored by a team of passionate volunteers and reminds us of the activity of the island in the Middle Ages.

The island of Arz is an invitation to fullness and serenity.


Practical information :

No ATM on the island of Arz.

If you want to have lunch in a restaurant on the island, remember to make a reservation.

Moreover, there is no lack of picnic spots !




Program of a typical day :

8:30 am : Meeting at the Port of Crouesty

9:00 am : Departure (departure)

11:30 am : Arrival on Arz Island or Ile aux Moines (disembarkation in the dinghy)

Lunch/picnic/walk on the island (bring your lunch)

2:30 pm : Return to the boat

5:00 pm/5:30pm : Arrival at the Port du Crouesty


A snack and hot drink will be offered in the morning




Bring water (about 1.5L per person for a full day)

Protection against the sun (sunglasses, sun cream, cap or hat...)

Warm clothing / waterproof clothing

Plan your meal : picnic or restaurant (cash, think of booking)

Swimsuit and beach towel