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My name is Pierre, I will be your skipper on La Baladeuzh for a memorable day!

Born in Brittany, I have always been passionate about the sea, which is why my grandfather built me and offered me my first boat at the age of 12, a sail-rowing! 


After several regattas, conveyors, charters and transatlantic, I now hold a certificate of "Captain 200 sail" and a diploma of "Mechanic 750 kW", training carried out at the CEFCM of Lorient.

From this journey was born a project... The Baladeuzh, to make you discover my passion!



The Baladeuzh is a sailboat model Kaidoz 31 (9.50 meters) biquille.

Built in 2007 in Locmariaquer, at the gates of the Gulf of Morbihan, this locally built boat has been designed for this sailing area. 

It adapts perfectly to day trips at sea because it is equipped with a very large open cockpit that offers a spacious and comfortable space.

Designed with modern lines, equipped with a generously sized rig and two free bars, this boat is very efficient under sail.

Indeed, responsive and lightweight, it quickly offers good sensations of speed while being safe.

A real pleasure to sail!